Equipping You to Serve Better

Quality training is the key to success. This holds good for individuals who are planning to pursue a career in disability and aged care services as well. For this reason, at Australian Health Care Qualifications and Training, we provide quality certification programs. Our programs are designed to equip you with the right skills to successfully pursue your career in aged care. We offer home and community care certificate 3 as well as certificate III home and community care.

Employment opportunities in the health and aged care sector are strong and varied. Therefore, employers in this sector look out for professionals with relevant certifications. With us, you can choose a certification program based on your area of interest that best suits you. Our certification programs develop the practical skills and the knowledge of the candidate to efficiently meet the social, emotional and physical needs of the elderly.

Besides, the training programs also focus on communication, effective work in direct support roles and empowerment techniques. This helps the candidates in efficiently supporting daily living activities within the residential and community sectors. The candidates will also better understand the legal and ethical needs for successfully working in aged and residential care services. Our Certificate III in Individual Support will help you to successfully serve the individuals with complex needs.

We offer the following courses in disability and aged care. You can now check out the following and enrol for the one that interests you the most.


Certificate III in Individual Support (AGEING) — CHC33015

Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) equips the participants to work in the residential settings within the community services sector. During the training the candidates are directly or regularly supervised under defined service plans and organisational guidelines. Upon completing this course the candidate will be able to:

  • Carry out activities to ensure personal care and provide other routine support for the people within the home care or residential settings

  • Carry out activities based on an individualised plan

  • Develop a reflective practice

  • Directly report to the supervisor without being responsible for the other workers


Certificate IV in Ageing Support – CHC43015

This certification prepares the participants to provide efficient support in the residential settings as well as community services sector. Regular and direct supervision will be provided to ensure that the candidates are in line with the well-defined organisational guidelines and other service plans. Upon completing this certification the candidate will be able to skillfully undertake tasks such as:

  • Carry out activities and provide superior personal care that facilitates the well-being of an individual

  • Cater to the needs of the individuals having complex needs and also work with groups of aged people

  • Provide prompt support to promote community participation and independence

  • Liaising with professionals and other service providers as well as reporting to service the managers

  • Efficiently supervise and/or coordinate a limited number of other workers


Certificate IV in Disability — CHC43115

Certificate IV in Disability is aimed to equip the candidates to successfully work in a variety of settings. These include residential group homes, day respite centres, open employment services, training resource centres, client homes as well as various other community settings.

It will equip you to capably and skillfully undertake a range of tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Apply their skills to support disabled people in enhancing their abilities to achieve greater level of self-reliance and independence followed by community participation

  • Efficiently reporting to service managers and also stay prepared to liaise with health professionals and other service agencies

  • Learn to work without direct supervision and stay equipped to supervise and/or coordinate a limited number of lower classified support workers

In this way our range of certification programs will enable you to successfully pursue the field you want. If you still have queries, just call us on 03 9703 2778 or drop an email to [email protected]. We would be happy to hear from from. Our professionals also get back to queries that are posted online.